Flight planning software for eBee drones. This easy-to-use desktop ground station allows you to intuitively plan your missions, interact with your drones during the flight and prepare the data for post-processing.


Drone flight planning software

Flight planning software for eBee drones

Why eMotion

Automated data capture workflow

1. Flight plan creation
2. Autonomous geotagged data capture
3. Postflight process (PPK)
4. Data ready for post-processing and analyses

Advanced but easy to use

Easy to use

Beginner-friendly yet packed with advanced features to tackle the toughest jobs, eMotion simplifies every step of your mapping project, helping to get your eBee in the air quickly, so you can focus on what’s important – analyzing geospatial data.

Flight plan autogenerated

Draw the area you want to map and eMotion creates the flight plan.

Preset or custom settings

Adjust the mission parameters or select the optimized preset settings for the project type, the camera used, and the terrain.

Optimized flight modes

Horizontal, corridor, point of interest (POI), multiple and custom.

Suits various industries

Agriculture, utilities, environmental, surveying, mining, humanitarian, governmental, disaster management, coastal and more.

PD1-6: Product Details Card System_Text Only Modules

Background container color: Need to be able to change to any color
CTA capability: CTA button is optional… Admin needs to be able to add or remove
Eyebrow: Optional

Flight simulator

Flying experience recreation with included RTK/PPK. Possibility to modify parameters to see their effect on the drones.

Mission creation in 5 minutes

Just a few minutes are needed to prepare a simple mission, with the possibility to choose optimized presets or custom settings – GSD, overlap, etc.

PD1-6: Product Details Card System_Text Only Modules

Background container color: Need to be able to change to any color
CTA capability: CTA button is optional… Admin needs to be able to add or remove
Eyebrow: Optional

Real time info

Drone battery level, home distance, link quality, flight time, altitude, wind, ground and air speed, and more.

Geotagged images

Images are automatically geotagged during flight to provide you with a time-saving advantage in post-processing.

Safety features 1

Safety features

eMotion safety features contribute to the regulation advantages that our drones provide to eBee operators, such as BVLOS and Operations Over People approvals.

Interaction during drone flight

Modify a flight plan or send commands anytime during a planned mission.

Airspace management

Import geo-awareness maps to have all the restricted and no-fly zones on your flight map.

Notifications and warnings

Audio and color-coded notifications – advisory, caution and critical – before and during flight.


Safety features 2

Safety actions

Taken by the drone

When detecting strong wind, low light, lens cap on, GNSS accuracy degradation and more, the drone will automatically return to home for landing.

Available to the operator

During flight and with just a few clicks, modify the path, the landing spot, hold drone in position, resume mission, perform an emergency landing and more.

Reliable software

Why eMotion

Reliable software

Since 2010, eMotion flight planning software has evolved to enhance your workflow and support the most demanding projects.

1,342,321 +


20 +

Software releases since 2018

GPS and Glonass

GNSS constellations


Spatial coordinate system



2D and 3D

Activate the mode you prefer to navigate the map and visualize the terrain more accurately.


The elevation color map also helps you check site elevation and plan your flightlines accordingly.

Custom background

Use included eMotion maps, import KML files or create your own.


Custom maps are ideal for recurrent mapping projects and for monitoring changes over a period of time.

Terrain following

eMotion enables by default terrain following, but you can also import your own elevation data easily. 


The software allows exporting your KML trajectory to check in Google Earth Pro.

Online and offline use

Why eMotion

Online and offline use


eMotion connects wirelessly to your drone, to industry cloud solutions, to survey-grade base stations, airspace data, and even includes live weather updates.


Are you planning a flight, but you won’t have Internet connectivity in the field? Simply download map data for offline use in advance/at the office and use it on-location without the Internet.

Radio link

If the connection between eMotion and the drone is momentarily lost, the eBee continues the mission, taking photos as planned, and lands. When the radio link is lost for more than 5 minutes, the drone returns home and lands.

Images prepared for post-processing

eMotion automatically handles the georeferencing and preparation of images required for post-processing software. This vastly reduces third-party software compatibility issues.

PD1-6: Product Details Card System_Text Only Modules

Background container color: Need to be able to change to any color
CTA capability: CTA button is optional… Admin needs to be able to add or remove
Eyebrow: Optional


With fleet management software, base stations, and photogrammetry post-processing software:

Measure Ground Control, DroneLogbook, PIX4Dmapper, PIX4Dmatic, PIX4Dcloud, PIX4Dreact, PIX4Dfields, PIX4Dsurvey, Agisoft Metashape, DroneDeploy, Bentley ContextCapture, SimActive, Esri ArcGIS Drone2Map and Trimble Business Center.

Software requirements

  • OS 64-bit only
  • Microsoft Windows 7
  • Microsoft Windows 8
  • Microsoft Windows 10

RTK/PPK integrated

RTK / PPK accuracy

RTK / PPK accuracy come integrated for capable drones, like the eBee X, eBee TAC, eBee Geo and eBee Ag.

eMotion flight simulator includes RTK / PPK post-processing accuracy simulation.

Multiple languages, coordinates and units

International software with a local touch


Available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Czech, Polish and more, to enhance the experience of our worldwide users.


eMotion options allow you to select the coordinates format within Decimal Degrees (DD) and Degrees/Minutes/Seconds (DMS).

Unit systems

The software options allow you to select the unit system, between metric (meters and hectares) and imperial (feet and acres).

Advanced features


Multi-drone flights

Fly up to 4 drones simultaneously with eMotion and increase your operations’ ROI. All images are geotagged, even from different eBee X series drones.


Benefits of multi-flight missions: less field time, faster data collection, fewer disruptions, less downtime, and improved operational efficiency and ROI.

Camera settings

Camera settings

During the flight, the drone camera is autonomously triggered.


Feel free to adjust some of the camera settings within eMotion, like the picture format, white balance, exposure bias, time target or ISO, which are important for image calibration.

Measurement tool

Measurement tool

Easily measure your area’s total length, the lowest and highest altitude of the terrain (using the elevation data) and the total positive and negative elevation change.


And more

Free updates

eMotion is regularly updated based on customer feedback and the different industries’ needs. The newest version of the software is available to download for free for all eBee X series users.


Check valuable info in your drone’s flight logs, such as date and flight time, drone serial number, flight duration, distance, max ATO, payload, photos and more.

Recurrent mapping

Create a mission based on another, save missions for recurring mapping, add past missions to your favorites, and check your recently planned missions.

Customer reviews - Quotes

eMotion customer reviews

What our users say

“A drone’s flight management software defines your experience—if this is complicated or confusing, operations can quickly become a chore. eMotion is different: it’s advanced, scalable drone software that anyone can use.”

“It’s important that UAS products are autonomous and in the case of the eBee this is very true; I found its take-off and landing particularly well thought out. The safety measures embedded in its eMotion software are also smart.”

Accessories for eMotion

GeoBase by Septentrio Altus NR3

Enable high-accuracy workflows with this plug-and-play GNSS.

Ping USB

Increase your airspace awareness by viewing live air traffic data directly within eMotion.

RTK / PPK activation

Achieve absolute accuracy down to 1.5 cm / 0.6 in with available RTK / PPK.

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