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Headquartered in Wichita, Kansas - the “Air Capital of the World” - AgEagle is a global UAV industry pioneer engaged in delivering a unified line of high performance flight hardware, sensors and software that have earned the longstanding trust and fidelity of customers worldwide over the past decade.
Advanced UAVs matched with high precision sensors and smart, easy-to-use and enabling ground control and analytics software are indispensable building blocks for delivering valuable, actionable, data-driven insights. However, AgEagle’s ingenuity isn’t simply limited to delivering great tools to perform the same operations better. Innovation is about technology, but it is also an intellectual orientation deeply embedded within our DNA.

Our core values

While our business is powered by technologies that allow us to soar above the Earth’s surface, our belief systems and core values are firmly rooted in making a positive difference in the lives of those we serve, partner and share the world.


This pushes us to find value where others aren’t looking.  It inspires us to see around corners for our customers, understanding the problems they currently face or will be facing in the future, and delivering them solutions best suited for their unique needs.


This fuels our obsession with excellence, our desire to try the difficult things and tackle big problems, and our intent to meet our customers’ needs and then surpass them.


This is not optional or situational at AgEagle.  Integrity is the foundation for everything we do, even when no one is watching.

Leadership team

Bill Irby


Mark DiSiena

Interim Chief Financial Officer

Edouard Rosset

EVP of Technology

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