Drone training

The foundation for successful operations. Available for eBee drones.

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eBee drone, camera and eMotion

Become an eBee eXpert

HQ training

Available at our worldwide headquarters and our partners’ training centers.


Training for eBee X and eBee TAC.


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Field training

Training adapted to your project, held directly in the field and matched to your mission.


Training for eBee X and eBee TAC.


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Online training

Get the most out of your eBee X from the comfort of your office with the Certified Operator course.


First two modules are free!


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Online Certified Operator program

Get the highest level of knowledge and ability of eBee systems with this program.


Complete 10 hours of coursework at your own pace. Online session with a trainer and final exam included. You may pick individual modules of interest.

Topics covered


Drone workflow overview and tips for a successful mapping project.

Mapping tools

Hardware and software of the drone solution.

Aerial mapping principles

Flight, navigation, data quality, processing, RTK/PPK accuracy, regulations.

Mapping project workflow

Project planning, preparation, data capture and processing.

Camera mapping workflow

Optimized for S.O.D.A. 3D, S.O.D.A., Aeria X, Duet T and more cameras.

Safeguarding your operations

Special flight conditions and human factors, troubleshooting, maintenance.

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Try first two modules for free

PD23-1: Form Module

Still determining if be a hubspot integrated/embedded form

In the field or at our headquarters

Schedule in-person eBee training

Other training options

Other training options

Custom online training

Book 2 hours of custom online training.

Educational videos

Drone tips and more on our YouTube channel.

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