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Increasing field value by 150% with drones: from a cattle ranch to fertile land

Two ag companies boosted client ROI remarkably turning livestock fields into fertile ground using eBee X drones.


Share | 12/19/2023

Project details 

Goal: Transforming to profitable agricultural landLocation: Colonias Unidas, Paraguay
Area: 6,000 hectares / 14,826 acresOutputs: Orthomosaic
Drone: 2 eBee XMapping days: 3
Sensor: S.O.D.A.Data provided by: Conagro SRL and Gestecner
Processing software: PIX4DmapperMission: Simultaneous multi-drone

Transforming a livestock field into fertile land ready for cultivation and multiplying the benefits—this is the remarkable achievement of two technological ag companies in Paraguay. Through a sustainable and technological approach using the eBee X mapping drones, they have elevated their client’s ROI to unprecedented levels.

Overcoming agricultural challenges with drones: from tractors to UAS

“We had an area of over 6,000 hectares / 14,826 acres that always served as a cattle ranch. Planting was never possible due to frequent flooding during the rainy season,” states Luis Huemer, the field owner.

In the field, water reached up to the knees, stagnating among the grass, creating challenging working conditions. Huemer attempted to create topographic maps using tractors for 20 days, but it proved futile. Many tractors broke down or got stuck in the mud.

Precision ag solution with the eBee X drones for efficient land transformation

When it was impossible to continue with the tractors, Huemer contacted the consulting and technological companies Conagro SRL and Gestecner for assistance with topographic mapping. They opted to work using two AgEagle’s eBee X fixed-wing drones.

The eBee X drones were the ideal choice for extensive coverage, delivering precise data.

The mapping of the entire 6,000 ha / 14,826 ac was completed in just 3 days with the two eBees. This enabled the design of drainage and soil systematization projects, effectively transforming the unused area into fertile land ready for cultivation.

Favio Fariña, an engineer at CONAGRO SRL, emphasized:

“The eBee X drone is the key to our efficiency because it provides us with accurate and precise information. Thanks to this technology, we no longer work blindly.”
The mapping of the entire 6,000 ha / 14,826 ac was completed in just 3 days. 

The eBee X is the ideal choice for extensive coverage—up to 500 hectares / 1,235 acres in one flight—delivering precise data. The professional mapping drone offers 90-minute flights, RTK, PPK, and features a range of interchangeable photogrammetry cameras for 2D and 3D mapping. The selected camera for this mission was the S.O.D.A. RGB drone camera.

Results: Drones increase agriculture land value in a record time

Through a sustainable and technological approach using eBee X mapping drones, the client’s ROI was elevated to unprecedented levels.
  • The land’s value significantly increased from $2,000 to $5,000 after converting it into agriculture (soybeans), marking a 150% increase in value. The topographic work done with the eBee X mapping drone played a significant role in this rise, as it allowed for soil drainage and systematization.
  • The speed with which the client obtained eBee X’s plans for both macro and micro drainage allowed them to initiate fieldwork in record time, enabling a rapid transition to highly profitable agricultural activities in the previously flooded area. They managed to prepare a natural field from scratch. Within 3 weeks, they had the first blueprint of the field—a survey of 1,962 hectares and completed planting in 40 days.
  • The decision to replace tractors with drones for mapping not only reduced the time required to prepare for planting but also resulted in substantial reductions in operating and maintenance costs, fuel consumption, and eliminated the risk of tractors getting stuck.
  • The achievements on this land have led to further collaboration between Conagro SRL and Gestecner with other farmers and land departments in the country. They convert livestock fields or former rice cultivation areas into expansive crops like soybeans, corn, and wheat, utilizing the cutting-edge eBee X drone.
  • The client was very pleased with the results, the low cost, and the precision.

Interested in the story? Watch the use case in this video (in Spanish with English subtitles):

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