Trial plot analysis with Solvi and the Danish Technological Institute

Multi-drone advantages and use cases presented by customers


Share | 06/16/2022

trial-plot-analysis-with-micasense-solvi-and-the-danish-technological-institute View webinar

Use of multispectral imagery in field trials at scale – a webinar with Solvi and the Danish Technological Institute.

Multispectral drone imagery has quickly become an invaluable tool to agricultural researchers and plant breeders around the world. Previously imperceptible revelations from this data-laden imagery are accelerating the evolution of agronomic management and plant breeding.

Presenters will share use cases and sample data collected from Trial Plot Analysis, field tests, and demonstrations to educate participants on the advancements multispectral sensors and supporting processing technologies have made to ensure that drone-based data provides ROI for growers, land managers, researchers, and commercial agricultural industry professionals.

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